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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on Us

Life has been pretty busy around here lately. School is done now for the summer. Ben and Emily had a preschool graduation. The teacher gave each child a special award. Ben got the "Junior Teacher" award and Emily got the "Rest time" award. :) She loves nap time and is always the first to fall asleep.

Clara had a D.A.R.E graduation and 5th grade graduation. The 5th grade grad. was really fun. It was Hawaiian themed. The kids had to hula hoop to a limbo stick and then limbo under that before getting their diplomas. It was a fun night. They had dinner for us and everything.

On Allison's last day of school, there was a drawing for some pretty nice prizes. That morning Allison had told us that she hoped her name would be drawn because she wanted to win a portable DVD player. Her name ended up being the very first one called, so she got to pick any prize she wanted. She got the DVD player. She was so happy!

Ben and Emily are playing T-ball this summer. They haven't had a game yet, but have had a couple of practices. Clara is playing softball too. She's played a couple of games so far.

This weekend my Mom and sisters and I are going on our annual Mother/Daughter get-a-way. This year we are going to New Buffalo, Michigan. None of us have been there before. It's always exciting exploring new places. I know we'll have a great time!

After the weekend, my sister Bobbi is taking Allison and Clara home with her to Illinois for 3 weeks! My other sister, Jen, lives there too, so the girls will get to spend time with both of them. I think they'll have a lot of fun and it might be nice for Tim and I to have some time with just Ben and Em.

Tim quit working on April 3rd. He is in the process of getting on the double lung transplant list at U of M. He has an appointment for next week to meet with surgeons, financial coordinators, a psychologist, and have tests and bloodwork done. Shortly after all of that, he should be on the list.

We are doing pretty good with everything. We have "down" days, but we try not to both be down at the same time. :) We are still really positive about everything and we have complete faith in God. Still, it can be frustrating waiting and just not knowing what to do in the mean time.

Long term disability has not been approved yet for Tim, so that's kind of a bummer. He has been approved for a supplemental income though that will at least pay our house payment each month. Our church has offered to help us with our car payment too and we have friends and family who have been anonomously sending us "gifts" in the mail or at church. We are so thankful to these people!

I can't think of any more updates at the moment. I wish I had something more interesting to post. :) I will try to post again soon.