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Monday, November 2, 2009

Can Time Just Slow Down a little bit???

If my days could just quit going by so quickly and the months and years quit flying by, I would really appreciate it. :)
It really seems like every day is buzzing by faster and faster. Some days I am up from 5:45am to 12:00am and yet I don't know where the time has gone and it seems that nothing has been accomplished! I feel like so much time is wasted and that I am missing so many opportunities. I feel overwhelmed though as to what to do first or what opportunities to take and I end up not doing anything!
I just decided I really needed to update this blog. I haven't posted for so long and of course a lot has happened in that time. Being a Mom with 4 kids, 5 if you count Tim, I can't even remember everything! :)

I guess I should update on Tim first. A while ago he began being evaluated for a double lung transplant. He had a heart cath and a bunch of other tests done. His oxygen diffusion capacity had gone down a lot 5 or 6 months ago, but then in August or September, they had come back up. We thought that since they were up again, the lung transplant team would decide not to list Tim yet for a transplant. However, they called about a month ago saying that they were ready to list him if he so chooses. They did want to perform a couple more tests first though. He had those tests done a week or so ago and will be meeting with his doctors again in a week. We will see what they have to say then and hopefully determine whether now is the right or wrong time to be listed.
The kids are doing great! They all like school and are doing really well in their classes. Allison and Clara have their first band concert of the year tomorrow. Allison's in her 3rd year of band playing the clarinet. This is Clara's first year of band and she's playing percussion. I'm excited to see them play tomorrow.

Emily is as always our little princess in every way. She loves to dress up and she certainly acts like a princess. I took her to a "Fancy Nancy" Tea party a couple weeks ago and she loved it. She and her friend dresses up really "Fancy" for it. Here's a picture of her at the tea party and a couple other princess times. :)

Ben adores his Daddy and wants to be everywhere Daddy is and wants to do everything Daddy does. Basically I think he wants to be Daddy. :) He's the only one in the house who likes Tim's beard as much as Tim does. Us girls are not very fond of it, especially when he tries to kiss us. Emily says it pokes her neck. I second that! :) Just look at that thing, waiting to stab my lips! He looks so charming doesn't he? The dimples win me over!
Allison got her first deer this year. She got a big doe during the early youth hunt. We were all very proud of her, especially Daddio! He may have been even more excited for her than he is when he gets one himself! (That's very very excited!)

And here are the kids trick or treating. I didn't think about getting a picture of them with their coats off. It was freezing! Ben was Iron Man, Emily was Cinderella, Allison was a princess, and Clara was a spy.

I will try to update more regularly. :)