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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I saw a picture on my friend's page of her kids' shadows. I thought it looked really cute, so I decided to take some myself.
Ben and Emily
Nose to Nose

Emily's profile
Benny's profile
Emily with her teapot

Allison's profile

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Round Of Snowflakes

Here are some pictures that I took this morning of snowflakes and ice crystals in our yard and on our van.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day In The Life Of...Me

My sister, Tricia and I have seen this done on other websites, so we decided to try it. Here is my Day in the life of Album. I made this a week or two ago, but just now got it on here. Enjoy!

This is what time I get up each weekday morning to get the kids ready for school. Their bus comes at 6:10am.

Ah, this is what I look like when I first get up. What would you expect?

The kids are ready for school.

They are waiting for the bus.

I read my Bible most every day after the kids get on the bus. Getting my daily dose of God's plan for me.

Another daily ritual, talking to my Mom on the phone.

Ah, coffee

It's so yummy with French Vanilla creamer!

I'm on the computer.

This is looking out my front door.

The sun is rising.

Breakfast...Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.


This is looking from the computer out the front window.

There is always lots of laundry to do in our house.

Here I am taking my bath. Aren't I cute?

The towel/turban trick...dries my hair and keeps it out of my way while I "put on my face".


Putting on my lipstick. My Mom loves this one. It's called "smooch".

Ah, much better than that 5:30am pic.

My Mom called and asked if I would take her to the bank.

So off I go.

The sun is getting higher.

Starting the car up. It's freezing!!

I'm heading to my Mom's house.

I'm pulling into my parent's driveway. This is the house I lived in my Whole life until I got married. My Dad built this house! :)

My beautiful Mom, getting her coat on so we can leave.

Around these parts, we don't use road signs to give directions. Instead, we say things like "turn at the big smiley face". Road signs are small, you can't miss this though. :)

The long drive home after driving Miss Daisy, a.k.a Mom to the bank.

It takes 5 minutes max. to get from my parent's house to ours.

I'm back home at 11:20am.

Here I was looking out the peephole at an unfamiliar man walking his dog. (He's gone out of my range of view).

More laundry

Messy table

Tim calls me every day during his lunch break. "I Love You!"

Oh look, the table cleaning fairy must have come while I was on the phone. This table really is clean despite it's permanant marker and paint stains.

Vaccuuming the living room.

If I were a cat I'd curl right up in that sunny spot and sleep the rest of the day away!

Messy countertop

Ta da!

I would like to tell you that this virtuous green leafy salad was my lunch...

but I had to add bacon bits, cheese, and dressing. I would have added croutons and garbonzo beans if I'd had them too. :)

It was tasty!

I gotta have my coffee to keep me going. :)

Onto the dishes. That's Tricia's favorite little snowman mug looking up at me.
A friend from Church called me.

Looks like High Noon to me.

Another messy countertop.

I'm putting some elbow grease into it.


I'm editing my photos.

Wash it! Dry it! Now it's time to fold it!

What a beautiful sight!

Ahhh, even more beautiful. Why haven't I made nap time part of my day in the life of. Must keep going. :)

Now it's time to study for the Cubbie Skit tonight.

The first busload of kids arrives home. Ready or not, here they come!

"Let's get to work on messing up this clean house!"
Into the bath with Ben and Emily.

While they play in the tub, I need to clean this counter.

So clean...

and shiny.

I'm telling you that the laundry at our house is never ending!

Bus #2 brings Allison and her friend home from school at 4pm.

Yes, this is the first time I've brushed my teeth today.

I'm ready to go to Cubbies.

"Alright kids, get your stuff on and let's get going." We had to leave early because there is dinner at Church before AWANA. I love it when I don't have to cook.

I wish I could have been home a little bit later to show you the beautiful sunset that we usually see.

We stopped at the store so the kids could each get something to drink.

We got to Church at 5:20pm. Dinner started at 5pm and goes until 6pm. It was a good dinner with subs and wraps.

Here's Tim, our Cubbie Director/World's Greatest Husband. He's getting ready for our little Cubbies to check in.

I'm having a little chat with Cubbie Bear.

Cubbies get's over at 8pm, but we are still waiting for a couple of kids to leave and we have to clean up. We left about 8:20pm.

On the drive home.

I stopped for gas around 8:30pm. $1.99 per gallon. That's not too bad considering how high it was a while ago.

Home Sweet Home.

We watched the sun move throughout the day. Now it's the moon's turn to shine. (Yeah, I know it doesn't shine, it reflects the sun's light).

This is the last photo I took for the day even though I was up until about 11:30pm. For the rest of the evening I edited pictures on the computer, ate popcorn, brushed my teeth for a second time, read the Bible with Tim, and went to sleep. There's still plenty of laundry left for tomorrow.