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Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 2010

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated this blog! We have just been super busy all the time, especially since school started back up.

Allison is in Highschool now! She's had a lot of stuff going on with band like marching in parades, football games, and a concert. This is her 4th year of playing the clarinet. She went to her first Homecoming dance this year. She was so beautiful all dressed up and had a good time with her friends. It's fun seeing her grow up, but also kind of sad too. She'll be all grown up before we know it! :( She is doing great in school as usual. She still loves reading.

Clara is in her second year of Middle School. She's in band too; and got to march in one football game and do a concert as well. She plays percussion. School is going well for her too. She got to be the school mascot for one of the football games! That was really cute. I cried because I was so proud! :)

Ben and Emily are in First Grade this year. They are doing really well. It's fun listening to them read and spell words on their own now.

We are all still involved in AWANA and youth group for the two older girls. Tim and I are still Cubbie leaders. Ben and Emily are in Sparkies. We love it! It's fun working with the preschoolers and teaching them about God. It's amazing how well they can memorize verses at such a young age!

Tim and I just started babysitting a friend's 3 month old! She is adorable and so sweet! I feel blessed that we get to spend the day with her. It's fun to have a baby around again for a little bit each day.

Tim has had some health improvments recently with his pulmonary fibrosis. At a recent check up, testing revealed that his lung diffusion capacity is up to 43% now! That is the highest it has been in probably close to 10 years at least! It had been pretty stable at 40% for a long time, but then about a year and a half ago it was decreasing and got to 29% and possibly even lower. Once when they tested him, he did so poorly that they couldn't even get a result! We really thought there was a good chance that he wasn't going to be around more than 6 months at that time. Since he has quit working though, he has gradually gained back up to the 40% and now to 43%! We credit this to God because the Doctors say that scar tissue cannot heal in the lungs and they didn't expect him to gain beyong 40%. We are very thankful for how well he is doing now!

I go to Bible study on Tuesday mornings. We've been doing a study by Kay Arthur called Covenant. It's really cool. We are learning about different covenants in the Bible and how God always keeps His covenants with us! It is a great group of ladies that I study with! I've been with them for a few years now and they are a huge support in my life!

Tim and I are also involved in small groups at church. We are doing a book right now about growing spiritually together in a marriage. We haven't really gotten very far into that yet.

We are still in the CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) and have meetings for that every month. Our whole family and two of the girls' friends had a great time at our State Rally this year over Labor Day weekend. This is the 3rd one we have been to and we are always blessed when we go. The last night there we have a talent show. I did my "rap" that I had written after Dare 2 Share last year. Everyone loved it! It makes me feel really good when people like it, but mostly I hope they are liking it for the words of Truth and not just because it sounds cool. :) I am trying to figure out how God wants me to share it with others.

Tim has been deer hunting a lot since bow season opened, but he hasn't gotten us any venison yet. Usually he would have one or two by now. I hope he will get some soon. He also takes Allison and Clara hunting, so we hope they will also get some. Allison got her first one last year, but Clara has never shot one yet.

In August I got to go to something called the Emmaus Walk. It's a discipleship training thing that goes on for a long weekend. I had a great time there and learned a lot. I made some really nice friends there that I've been able to keep in touch with. We have reunions every month, but I only just got to go to one so far. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I recieved many blessings there.

Well, I guess that is enough updating for now. It's just regular life, not too much is new lately. I hope to post more exciting things as they happen. :)