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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cake Balls

My friend, Ellen, told me about these cake balls. You bake a cake, crumble it up, stir in some frosting, form little balls from the mixture, dip them in chocolate, and decorate them however you want. Ellen put them on lollipop sticks, which is pretty cool. I just put them in little cupcake wrappers. Here are some pictures of the ones I made yesterday. I made red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God is Always Good!

The past couple of weeks have been so different for us! Tim and I have had so much time together since he quit working on April 6th. We have had some wonderful conversations and have been sharing lots of fun and happy moments together.

We feel SO happy! We both have such a strong faith in God and Love Him so much! We trust Him with everything and it has just given us this Awesome Peace! It doesn't make sense to me for people to be so happy in such a situation, but we truly are.

Tim has not seen the doctors again since he went to U of M in March. His lung diffusion capacity could be another 2% lower by now (it was 29% in March and consistently dropping 2% per month for the past 9 months), but we won't know until he is tested again. We felt it best that Tim quit working even though we have no other means of income at this time. It just seemed that he would be healthier and happier to be home now. I think he has definitely been happier although he misses his friends at work. We are not concerned about finances. We know God will take care of us in many ways. We are confident that we will be able to get disability even if it takes some time.

We have prayed for so long that God would touch Tim and heal his lungs completely. We know that He can do that if it is His Will. We have prayed expectantly, believing that in the next moment Tim would take a full breath and be healed. I've laid hands on him and prayed while he's slept, totally knowing that the next morning he could rise and be well. That has not happened yet. We know that God can do it, but He may not choose to do it. We are ok with that. We are hopeful that God will use a lung transplant to heal Tim. Tim hasn't gotten on the waiting list, but hopefully will be doing that soon. We pray that he has time to wait for lungs and that they will be provided. We trust God completely. We know that another way he may heal Tim is by taking him to live in Heaven with Him. We have no doubt at all that Tim will definitely be fully restored there if not sooner!

We know, we know without the slightest doubt, that God Loves Us! We know that he loves us and wants good things for us. We know he is not trying to hurt us or punish us. We know that His Ways are NOT our ways. We know that His Way is so much better than our way. We trust Him in that. We trust His good and perfect plan. We want His Will to be done. We only pray that God uses us and our situation to witness to others and to show them the strength and hope that only comes through Jesus Christ! We feel that what we are going through can and is making us stronger. It makes us individually stronger, it makes us stronger as husband and wife, and it is making us stronger in our faith. We know that our situation really may have nothing at all to do with us. It may be something that God is using to benefit someone else.

Tim and I and all 4 of our children have accepted Jesus as our Savior. We know that He is the Son of God. We know he died on a cross for our sins and was buried and that he rose again and is living in Heaven, preparing a place for us. Because we know that, we are secure in our life. We have eternal life with God. Others in our life do not have that security. We pray that God uses us to affect others so that they will know the Love of God. We just want to be used by Him in whatever way He chooses because that is the best way.

Monday, Tim and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary! His parents recently celebrated their 39th. We think it's cool that we are married exactly 1/3 of what they have been. We feel that 13 years is a good start to our forever together! We are hopeful that we will grow old together, raising our children, loving eachother, and serving God.

We will never doubt or question God. We will rely on Him knowing that only in our weakness can His strength be our strength. We will praise Him forever and thank Him for all that we have been blessed with including the trials he lets us go through.

Please pray for Tim, that he will get on the list soon. Pray that he will be able to have the double lung transplant and that it will be a new start for him. Pray for comfort for our loving family and dear friends. Pray that others will have the peace we have. Pray that we do not fail in our faith, but that we always keep believing in the goodness of God. We know that no matter what happens, God is Always Good!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

Today we colored our Easter eggs for tomorrow. The kids did a great job! They look so beautiful!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on Tim's lungs

Tim recently went to U of M for another checkup. He goes every 3 months. For those who don't know, Tim has pulmonary fibrosis. The doctors think he has had it for at least 17 years now. One of the tests that they do on him when he goes for checkups tells them how well his lung tissues absorb oxygen. For the past 9 months Tim's has been decreasing about 2% per month and the measurement is now at 29%. If it continues to decline at this rate, he will be down to 0 in a little over a year! Obviously the doctor said there is no such thing as 0.

The doctor put him on prednisone. If it doesn't help, then he wants Tim to meet with the lung transplant specialist again. He was told a couple of years ago that eventually he will need a double lung transplant. It is pretty scary, but I'm trying not to worry too much until we see what happens. So far, Tim says the prednisone has not been helping. It usually helps him within a couple of days.It didn't really hit me until today, but if the decline continues at 2% per month, we really don't have much time to wait on a waiting list for lungs. We will see the doctors again soon and I'm sure if the prednisone doesn't work, they will have other ideas for slowing down the progression.

We trust in God and we know that He will get us through whatever is to come. We know He has the power to completely heal Tim. We know He can do it miraculously or use doctors and medicine (which in Tim's case would still be miraculous). We also know that He doesn't always choose to heal us here on Earth. It will not keep us from praising Him, because we know that God is always Good. It feels good to have that hope and just to know that He never leaves us alone.Please keep Tim and our family in your prayers. Pray that God's Will be done in our lives and those around us. God can use this for His Glory.